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  • I was getting knock above ~0.9 bar before, now I run 1.0 bar with the 3 gph nozzle and no knock. I'm still getting it all sorted out as far as when it activates and how much boost I feel safe running, but I'm hoping I'll be able to run 1.05 or 1.1 bar with the 5 gph nozzle. It's very smooth with the 3 gph nozzle coming on around 0.8 bar - no hesitation or anything.

  • All of the parts in Joe's kit appear to be high quality and his installation instructions are great. He supplies wiring and everything - it is a complete kit

  • I decided to go with Joe's system. In my opinion, Joe's is the most cost-efficient and reliable system if you just want a simple water injection system (i.e. WI comes on at a certain boost pressure).

  • I was getting some knock when I tried to run ~1 bar of boost before, but I'm not with the water injection.

  • -Quicker response when the system kicks on.

    -You can upgrade the system easily as the pump/receiver combo allows for immense flexibility. You want an intercooler sprayer? No problem! Run a tap off the WI system. Unless you want a firehose spraying your IC, the pump should handle it just fine. Want additional injectors at different pressures? No problem, just add them in!

    -Joeo is very knowledgeable and has excellent response times.

    -Cost! You are getting a cheaper product without sacrificing quality or reliability.

  • Tech support and help are top notch with him... I also believe that the kit outperforms the Aquamist in terms of bang for the buck... you get more adjustability and options than the Aquamist for a lower price.

  • I see that Joe's kit has a few advantages.

    1/ Pump quality - the Shurflo will not be damaged if it runs dry. It's a sturdy piece of kit that won't break easily.
    2/ Accumulator - pump isn't running constantly so should last longer than your car.
    3/ Dual stage compared to the 1s aquamist kit.

    I'm extremely happy with mine. I run quite alot of water 3gpm @ .25 bar at then the 5 gpm as well at .8 bar and above and I've never had a stutter so I have to assume that atomization is complete.

    Probably the best mod/dollar I've spent on my car.

  • My joeo kit works wonderfully, and if anyone has any specific questions feel free to ask me. So far my 1gph-3gph setup is working wonderfully and stopping knock. I have them coming on at around 2.5psi and 9psi, but I will be turning down the 3gph to come on a bit lower because I get no hesitation whatsoever right now. I may also switch to a bigger nozzle simply because I am over-paranoid about knock in my jdm motor and I am not getting any hesitation due to too much water right now.

  • Great product. Customer service second to none.

  • Awesome to deal with, very quick e-mail response, and very helpful, quick shipping.