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Love Horsepower Episodes!

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Please right click and save the video files to your local machine for best playback performance. This is the first episode of - It details the installation of Kikasaurus motor mounts and then performs a driving test. Please comment on any of these videos on the LoveHorsepower Forum
FIRST EPISODE - Kirkasaurus Motor Mounts Installation.

Second episode of It is a two part episode where the first part details the installation of the LoveHorsepower fuel pressure regulator kit. The second part details how to tune the regulator using a wideband oxygen sensor and the S-AFC.
SECOND EPISODE (Two Parts) - LoveHorsepower's Fuel Pressure Regualtor Kit Installation and Tuning.

(06/04/2007) Third episode of It will be a three part episode. The first part explains how to remove the head from a 1991 MR2 Turbo.
(07/31/2007) Second part of the three part MR2 Turbo head gasket/head removal process.
(01/20/2008) Third part of the three part MR2 Turbo head gasket series.
THIRD EPISODE (Three Parts) - MR2 Turbo Head Gasket Removal, Head Cleanup, and Installation.

All these videos are created using Canon's Powershot S2IS camera, a tripod, and duck-tape. All the audio from 06/2007 forward was also recorded using this excellent camera. Video is recorded to motion JPEG, and edited in Adobe Premiere, and/or Microsoft's Movie Maker. In general the videos are exported from Premiere in raw format, and then converted to windows media files for download.

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