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Home Subaru Legacy Subaru Legacy CV Joints/Axle Assembly Replacement

Subaru Legacy CV Joints/Axle Assembly Replacement

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Here are some notes and pictures on how to replace the front CV joints in a 1995 Subary Legacy Outback. The reason for replacement is a ripped CV boot. Replacement CV assemblies are chearp from the local auto parts store. In this case Autozone. Here is the ripped CV boot on the passenger side front.

Jack up the front - I like to place a jack stand in the center, and two jacks on either side.

After removing the tire, remove the castle nut with an impact gun.

Then remove the caliper, and suspend it from the suspension spring so that the brake line is not under tension.

Remove the two bolts holding the brake bracket assembly in place.

Then remove the rotor. If it's difficult to remove use the two screw holes on the hub and simply put a screw into the holes which will break the rotor loose.

Then go into the engine compartment and remove the intake pipe to get some room to access the axle assembly.

Remove the clamps holding the intake pipe in place and all the hoses attached to the intake (PVC from both valve covers etc.).

Locate the pin which holds the axle onto the spline gear. I thought this was a really neat feature of Subaru. The pin is easy to get out and replace. Once it is out, the axle assembly was easy to remove.

The pin needs to be punched out with a punch and hammer. Use a set like this:

Find a punch that best matches the size of the pin, and then use a hammer to push the pin out. I did this from up top looking down on the pin from the engine compartment. The pin:

Now it's time to remove some of the suspension bolts to get access to the CV joint assembly.

Remove the through bolt.

Remove the bracket holding the anti roll bar.

It may be helpful to jack up the suspension to release tension on the anti roll bar bolt.

Next remove the two large 19mm bolts that hold the arm in place. It's best to use an impact gun here.

Looking from underneath - these are the two 19mm bolt holes from which the bolts were removed.

Use a puller to push the axle through the hub if necessary. The CV joint is now free to come out.

Notice the tools used in the following picture.

The new assembly.

Close-up of pin location.

Transmission side - male.

Lubricate the spindles with grease before installation. Then line up the pin hole on the transmission side with the pin hole on the new assembly. The pin only goes through one way. It doesn't have to be pushed through with much force. If it's not going through, rotate the CV assembly 180 degrees. In general, it is best to use a new pin. Punch the pin through with a punch and hammer. 
CV assembly installed.

Install the new castle nut and stack it.

Install the through bolt and anti roll bar bolt. Use the jack again to support the suspension.

Use a jack to support the suspension while installing the two large 19mm bolts.

Re-install the rotor, brake bracket, and caliper.

Reinstall the wheel, jack down the car, and reinstall the intake air pipe.