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Home MR2 Turbo MR2 - Dyno Days and Videos Maryland International Raceway - March 2006

Maryland International Raceway - March 2006

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Maryland International Raceway - March 2006

Toni and Joe go to Maryland International Raceway for 1/4 mile drag racing. Toni,in the EVO, posts a best time of 12.91 @ 107MPH. Joe in the MR2, posts a best time of 13.289 @ 109.17MPH. Don't have the video of Toni's best yet.

Mods on the EVO include:

  • HKS Boost controller set to 1.55 (22psi)
  • Aftermarket downpipe
  • Aftermarket exhaust
  • Intake
  • Apexi S-AFC fuel computer

Mods on the MR2 include:

  • Apexi AVC-R boost controller set to 1.25 (17.7psi)
  • K&N FIPK Intake
  • T04E-50 tim Garrett turbocharger kit
  • Supra fuel injectors (550cc/min)
  • Apexi S-AFC fuel computer
  • Stage 2 water injection kit running ~40% alcohol mixture
  • Greddy Intercooler
  • Ross Forged Pistons
  • Clevite bearings

Videos! Right click and save as:

Joe's best time slip (Left Lane)

IMG_9209.JPG IMG_9210.JPG IMG_9211.JPG IMG_9215.JPG IMG_9216.JPG
IMG_9217.JPG IMG_9220.JPG IMG_9221.JPG IMG_9222.JPG IMG_9224.JPG
IMG_9226.JPG IMG_9227.JPG IMG_9229.JPG IMG_9230.JPG IMG_9231.JPG
IMG_9233.JPG IMG_9238.JPG IMG_9239.JPG IMG_9242.JPG IMG_9243.JPG
IMG_9247.JPG IMG_9249.JPG IMG_9252.JPG IMG_9253.JPG IMG_9255.JPG
IMG_9257.JPG IMG_9258.JPG IMG_9259.JPG IMG_9260.JPG IMG_9263.JPG
IMG_9264.JPG IMG_9265.JPG IMG_9266.JPG IMG_9268.JPG IMG_9269.JPG
IMG_9271.JPG IMG_9272.JPG IMG_9273.JPG IMG_9274.JPG IMG_9278.JPG
IMG_9283.JPG IMG_9289.JPG IMG_9292.JPG IMG_9299.JPG IMG_9302.JPG
IMG_9303.JPG IMG_9307.JPG IMG_9309.JPG IMG_9314.JPG IMG_9321.JPG

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