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Home MR2 Turbo MR2 - Dyno Days and Videos Dyno Day - March 2004

Dyno Day - March 2004

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AR Fabrication hosted a free dyno day on March 6th and 7th of 2004.  Here are some pictures, notes and videos of the event.  First the MR2s!  Click pictures to enlarge.

My car's dyno graph.  Relevant modifications were:

  • Apex AVC-R boost controller set to 1.25kg/cm^2 or 17.7psi of boost.

  • Supra 550cc/min injectors

  • Apex AFC with minimal tuning - taking out only 4% of fuel in the top end.

  • 3" custom exhaust - no secondary cat - primary cat gutted.

  • K&N FIPK (intake)

  • Stage 2 water injection kit with 3GPH and 5GPH nozzles.

  • PT Upgraded CT-26 using a T04E-50 trim compressor.

  • Greddy Intercooler

One interesting item was that I measured the HP with the GTech the night before and it was showing in the 240 to 246HP range.  I'm very happy with how accurate this device is.  The weight entered was 3080lbs - so entering a slightly less weight should increase the GTech's accuracy.

Right click and save:
MPEG Video of run 1.
MPEG Video of run 2.

Doug on the dyno, and results.  I believe he was running a T3/T4 with the T04E-50 trim compressor at 11psi of boost, external wastegate vented to atmosphere (loud!), and on the stock fuel injectors.

MPEG Video of Doug's first run.
MPEG Video of Doug's second run.

Randall's runs - He was running a T3/T4 with the T04E-46 trim compressor, a larger bore (not sure how much - think it was a .2 over?), boost set to .5bar or 7psi, and stock injectors.

MPEG Video of Randall's first run.
MPEG Video of Randall's second run.

This EVO made 292HP to all wheels.

MPEG Video of white EVO 8 run 1.
MPEG Video of white EVO 8 run 2.

Various pictures of event.

Other dyno runs.  This S2000 made around 199RWHP, and revs and revs and revs!
MPEG Video of S2000 Run 1.
MPEG Video of S2000 Run 2.

This Corrodo looked to have a headgasket leak in the second run.
MPEG Video of VW Run 1.
MPEG Video of VW Run 2.

RX7's are loud.  Think these runs made in the 240RWHP range.
MPEG Video of RX7 Run 1.
MPEG Video of RX7 Run 1.

Blue EVO Run 1.
Blue EVO Run 2 from exhaust side.
Another blue EVO from exhaust side.
100% stock yellow EVO from exhaust side.
Silver EVO Run 1.
Silver EVO Run 2.
Black WRX Run 1.
Black WRX Run 2.
Another black WRX Run 1.
Another black WRX Run 2.
Another black WRX Run 3.