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MR2 Videos

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The best way to view these is to right click the links below and choose save as, or save target as.  Then save them to your local disk and view them from there.

These videos where taken with a Sony digital (320x240 resolution). Newer videos are taken with the Canon Powershot S2IS in 640x480x30FPS.

Fun Stuff!

Gtech Runs

  • Latest Gtech(WMV format 1.4MB) (MPG format 5MB) HP run from inside the car - results in 261RWHP at 19.5psi of boost with water injection (windshield washer fluid), 50trim PT upgraded turbo, supra 550cc/min injectors, and SAFC.  The run is done by gently accelerating in 1st gear up to about 3000RPM, shifting to 2nd and going WOT.  Weight was set to 3080 lbs - fuel was about 1/2 tank.
  • Gtech Day - MR2, EVO, STi, Supra, and Intrepid.
  • GTech Day - October 2nd 2005.
  • GTeching - October 23rd 2005.
  • GTeching - October 30th 2005.

Water Injection


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