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MR2 Monitoring Project

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The idea for any type of project came about when I realized that the stock boost gauge was inadequate.  My friend (and Boss) thought it would be cool to design a device which could monitor various car operations, such as boost, RPM, speed, etc and log all this data to be later sent to a Laptop computer via serial port for plotting in a program such as Excel.  Here is a new graph (plotted 02/24/97) of Throttle Position (measure in percent) vs the signal from the O2 Sensor (not yet scaled).  PLOT
Currently the project is monitoring Boost Pressure (in psi), Throttle Position (in percent), Fuel/Air mixture via the Oxygen Sensor, Air flow (from the mass air flow meter), and a couple temperatures (before and after the intercooler).  The temperature sensors were purchased from Analog Devices for about 2 dollars a piece.  Already scaled for degrees Celsius and very accurate.  All of this data is put to the serial port at regular intervals (about 3 times a second).
The CPU is an 8051 variant called the 80535.  An evaluation board was purchased from New Micros for about $120.00. A 20x4 backlite LCD was chosen for the beginning, although the board can support up to a 40x4 display. The evaluation board comes with a 10bit, 8 channel analog to digital converter, a bunch of digital IO's, and a keyboard controller.  It is possible to have a 64k program (on an EPROM), and 64K of static RAM.  This was the chosen configuration for the MR2 Turbo Project.
Click here for a picture of the display
Update! I have completed intercooler efficiency and am working on getting speed to come in correctly.
What next?
Once injector duty cycle code is completed (if that ever happens) all the information will be available in a real time format to determine the best combinations of performance modifications, ie boost controllers, intercooler/fan upgrades etc.  An accelerometer was also purchased (about $20.00).  I was unsuccessful so far in getting it to work, that is I think I broke it.  Hopefully I will purchase a couple more, at which point acceleration could be measured accurately, and hence many other things calculated just like the GTECH device. More temperatures could be measured as well, a lot more!  It would be relatively easy to measure as many as ten different temperatures from different locations....and easy to measure even more than that.
Click here for actual data sampled using this project.

Update 12/09/2002

I haven't worked on the project in a long while, and have it currently removed from the car as there were some interference problems with connection to the display.  I've been thinking about the idea of using a different platform to monitor and display information using a vacuum florescent display (similar to the Apexi AFC).