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MR2 Pictures

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Very old Dyno runs.  Car was stock except for an apexi boost controller set to 1.00kg/cm^2 (14.2psi) of boost.  Actual HP and Torque and Corrected HP and Torque.

Recent picture with SSR Integrals installed (Eibach springs, and Tokico Illumina Struts):

Joe's 1991 MR2 Turbo Rear shot 1991 MR2 Turbo - rich exhaust evidence on bumperrunning a little rich hereMR2 in Driveway - October 2002Closeup of Rear - SSR Integrals October 2002

Older pictures with Kosei S5R Rims

.MR2 In Driveway in Snow - Kosei S5R RimsMR2 and Me!

Intercooler Spray nozzle close-up (nozzle from

Nozzle zip tied:Intercooler Misting nozzle (zip tied)Close up of Intercooler Misting Nozzle (Old)Nozzle super glued to Greddy IC (didn't work long!)


Water Injection Pictures

Engine bay pictures show water injection nozzles in throttle body inlet:

In this picture, the nozzles can be seen as well as the two EGT probe wires coming out of the turbo heat shield:

Close-up of water injection solenoids:

Tank, pump, and accumulator shown here:

Water pressure gauge, fan switches and water injection main power switch (samll silver toggle):

Picture of old setup which used a pressure tank:

A-pillar picture showing dual EGT gauge (#3 and #4 cylinders), oil temperature gauge, water pressure gauge (left of steering wheel) and water injection LEDs (upper left solenoid 1 on, upper right solenoid 2 on, lower left low water, and lower right pump is on).

EGT Probes

These are pictures of the EGT probes installed in the stock exhaust manifold.  The holes where drilled and taped with a 1/8NPT tap.  I used compression fittings frommcmaster car.
The gauge was purchased from aircraft spruce and is of the dual type  The white stuff in the pictures is (was) silicone sealant.  I originally used brass compression fittings, but after about 6 months of use, they started to leak.  When I removed them they pretty much deteriorated - the compression fittings from mcmaster car are high temp, and seem to be holding up very well.

Pictures Taken 04/13/2003

video (WMV format - 645KB).


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