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Subaru Legacy Coolant Temperature Sensor Replacement

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1995 Subaru Legacy Coolant Temperature Sensor Replacement

I had the check engine light turn on and it indicated code P0115. Translated, this is "Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Circuit".

Replacing this sensor is relatively easy on the 2.2 liter EJ22 engine. I decided now would also be a good time to change out the coolant. Start by opening the drain plug on the radiator along with the radiator fill. Allow it to drain out into a bucket or pan. 

Next remove the two worm drive clamps, and all the hoses attached to the intake pipe.

Remove the PCV hose.

At this point you can just start to see the coolant temperature sensor. It has a brown electrical connector attached to it. We'll need to remove the one coolant line to gain better access to it.

Close up of coolant hose we'll remove next:

Just use some needle nose pliers on that hose clamp and get that hose out of your way.

Now just reach under that wiring loom and disconnect the sensor.

Using a deep 19mm socket, unscrew the coolant temperature sensor.

Sensor removed:

Old sensor with 19mm deep socket:

Grab your new sensor and screw it into place.

Connect the electrical connector, replace the coolant hose, PCV hose, intake hose and the associated hoses. Refill with coolant and your done! 
Since I spilled some coolant around, I cleaned up the area with some Simple Green and a garden hose. Then I spray the water away with an air compressor, go for a drive to get it dry, and then spray some tire cleaner on the hoses.

Now go do some Subaru boxer driving!